teacup, teacup dog
Miniature yet full of love and energy, teacup dogs look good in dog sweaters in an extra small size to fit. My favourite is the cosy Wilmot cable dog sweater in Lime. Spencer corduroy dog coats also come in extra small, and you can get the collars in the teacup size to match. With a luxurious Hoxton Tartan dog blanket for them to curl up on your teacup will look a picture.
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Daplyn Grey Harris Tweed Designer Dog Carrier
Hanbury YE16 Dog Collar
Hanbury OR16 Dog Collar
Baker Boy Dog Hats
Douglas Doggy Duvet
Sutton Denim Designer Pet Carrier
Hoxton Tartan Harris Tweed Dog Lead
Hoxton Tartan Harris Tweed Pet Carrier
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Hoxton Tartan Harris Tweed Dog Blanket
Hanbury RE16 Dog Collar
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